Simple Protocol Edit

The simple protocol is common with the earlier equipment and is also the most likely to be compatible across brands. The best documentation available for this protocol at the moment is the "Domia Lite Protocol" specification.

Device Addressing Edit

The simple protocol has a fixed list of group (A-P) and device codes (0-15). It is common for these devices to have a rotary dial to select at least the group code.

Specification Edit

Line Encoding Edit

Bits are encoded over the air in 3 ways. Each bit is encoded as a HIGH signal of a fixed duration followed by a corresponding LOW signal over a total duration of 1500μs.

HIGH for 375μs followed by LOW for 1125μs
HIGH for 1125μs followed by LOW for 375μs
0-bit (short) [1]
HIGH for 375μs followed by LOW for 375μs .

Message Encoding Edit

TODO : Document Encoding

Variations Edit

  1. Used only by Bye Bye Standby for group messages