Introduction Edit

This article should help you put together a device to allow you to control your home easy devices from your PC.

Parts Required Edit

  1. Arduino
  2. 433Mhz Transmitter / Receiver
  3. The Home Easy Hacking library
  4. EventGhost
  5. iPhone & PC Control Software

Wiring the Circuit Edit

TODO : Put photos and stuff here. For now, refer to the appropriate data sheet. There's not really much to it!

Configuring the software on the Arduino Edit

TODO : Document setting up the arduino and the software used (once I've finished tidying up a suitable sketch)

Configuring the software on your PC Edit

  1. Install EventGhost
  2. Add the Serial Plugin and point it at your Arduino COM port

Monitoring Home Easy activity Edit

  1. Fire your remote a few times
  2. Watch the Events get picked up in the left hand side.
  3. Create a new Macro using the events:
    1. Right click right hand pane, Add Macro
    2. Select Event Ghost -> Show OSD
    3. Enter something suitable in the text box (eg Front Room Lights On)
    4. Save macro
    5. Drag previously detected event from the events box on the left to the newly created macro on the right
    6. Done!

Sending Home Easy commands Edit

TODO : Document the sending, once I've finished tidying up a suitable sketch to read commands over serial