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[[File:= Advanced Protocol = The Advanced protocol is less well documented than the simple protocol, and also less likely to work between brands.

Device Addressing Edit

Unlike the simple protocol, each device is assigned a larger identification code. Bits 0 -25 are unique to every transmitter device. Bit 26 is the Group Flag, and Bit 27 is the ON / OFF Flag, 0 = Off, 1 = On. This BIt is also used  when dimming. Bits 28 - 31, are the Group Code (up to 16 units can be in the same group) and Bits 32 - 35 are the dim level (16 Levels). The dim level bits are not sent when  basic ON / OFF  commands are sent, an ON command to a dimmable module will restore it to the level it was when last switched off. 2 consecutive ON's will start a dimming module cycling up and down.

To send a dimming level a special modified bit is placed at bit 27 (See Specification)c

Encoding Edit

Manchester coding is used:

Data 0 = Manchester 01          Data 1 = Manchester 10

A Manchester 0 is a High for 275uS and Low for 275uS

A Manchester 1 is a High for 275uS and Low for 1225uS


Data 0 = High 275uS, Low 275uS, High 275uS, Low 1225uS

Data 1 = High 275uS, Low 1225uS, High 275uS, Low 275uS

A preamble is sent before each command which is High 275uS, Low 2675uS

When sending a dim level a special bit is placed in bit 27

Dim bit 27 = High 275uS, Low 275uS, High 275uS, Low 275uS. This seems a bit odd, and goes agianst the manchester coding specification !

Each packet is sent 4 of 5 times with a 10mS space in between each.]]Media:Example.ogg

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